Craft It To Your Liking


It’s a serene spring evening, and the sun has begun to dip below the western horizon in an impressive blaze of color. You sit on your porch swing, listening to the birds sing nighttime songs as the kids finish their games in the front yard.

You are surrounded by meaningful beauty coming to life: The lilacs you planted because they remind you of childhood springtimes at your grandmother’s house. The hostas given to you by your best friend before she moved across town.
The crabapple blossoms floating to the ground in the gentle spring breeze; the tulips, finished with their fantastic springtime display, retire for a rest while the daisies and lilies prepare for another show-stopping summer.


The plants with which we surround ourselves during growing season don’t exist merely for the purpose of having a handsome lawn — at least, they shouldn’t. Rather, they are expressions of us as people and families: Tidy rose bushes and boxwoods. An array of wildflowers. Hanging baskets bursting with petunias and English ivy. Whether or not we realize it, we all have a “type.” As with many things, it merely takes some experimentation to discover our preferences.

Thanks to a flexible growing climate, Licking County offers great opportunity for seasoned and beginning gardeners to experiment with flowers, shrubs and edibles, as well as a selection of greenhouses with local horticulture experts on hand to answer questions and offer advice.

Spring. There’s never been a better time to turn your lawn into a masterpiece — craft it to your liking and create colorful memories you can build upon year after year.