Brand Kit

Download the full brand resources kit (including eps and ai files, brand guidelines, and color swatches)

For questions about the brand kit, please contact us directly.

Primary Logo

The following buttons will provide you with our primary logo. For guidelines on usage please download the full kit above. 

Please do not alter any downloaded files. For questions, please contact us directly.


Explore Licking County is actively engaged with the community by awarding sponsorship funds to charitable, nonprofit, start-up events and established local events, which are designed to enhance the Licking County experience.

Currently not taking any new applications

Submitting Events

Events will now be automatically pulled from our Explore Licking County Events Facebook page.

For your event to show up on our website, create an event on your Facebook Business Page and share it as a message to Explore Licking County through Facebook.

Please do not email us about your events or add us as co-hosts on Facebook.


Best practices for your event images

Include important details in the image itself: e.g. for a music festival you might want the venue or notable artists in the lineup. These details are critical, so you want to make sure visitors see them right away – but try to strike a good balance here.

Don’t be boring: there’s a lot of stuff on Facebook. You’re competing with a thousand other shiny distractions vying for your audience’s attention – use a unique concept or eye-catching visual design to really stand out.

Know your audience: be aspirational. Choose images that your audience will identify with, positioning your event as the place for people like them to be.

Partner Directory Pages

Each partner is represented on our website with individual directory pages. Each page provides consumers with important information about your business and contact information. We encourage you to submit the following information to us:

  1. A description (200 word maximum) about your business. We encourage you to include pertinent information on what your business is, the type of consumer you interact with or hope to attract, and any specific information on hours of operation or contact information

  2. Your logo. Please provide your logo in jpeg format on a solid white background

  3. Any imagery that showcases your business with no other words, logos, or branding on them.

In an effort to provide the most accurate information to our audience, ELC maintains final discretion to the style and layout of the partner page on our website.

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