A glass of wine should be like a good friend: Unique, balanced and enjoyable. You finish your time together in a better mood than when you started; after lingering for awhile, you feel enlightened, confident and slightly more prepared to take on the world.

If that’s the case, a glass of local wine should be the best friend you’ve had since childhood. You share a past; you have common roots. You know one another’s history, and you are equally richer for it.

When you sip a glass of Licking County wine, you’re tasting the fruits of our labor. Literally.
From planning the layout of a vineyard based on our central Ohio soil and sunshine to pruning away everything but the best; from spending long hours bottling and aging to designing the perfect label; from making careful decisions about locals’ tastes to setting up an intimate evening of live music in a tasting room, wine — for us — isn’t just a bottle you blindly grab off the supermarket shelf.

It’s years of dreaming, planning and tasting.
It’s risk-taking and hands-on learning.
It’s attention to detail and pride because of what we have crafted with our hands — here, in Licking County.

Please join us in a celebration of what we’ve made just for you — because that’s what friends do.

Submitted By: Abbey Roy, Newark, Ohio

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