July: the month when summer really begins to feel legit.

When the stalwart among us finally break down and turn on their air conditioning as newscasters are frying eggs on sidewalks. When we at long last forget that, just a few short months ago, we rejoiced at the prospect of open windows and may have had to bust out our winter coats for a late-night grocery store run.

Summer is hot; air conditioning leads to cabin fever. But swimming holes will never go out of style.

For centuries, Americans have been flocking to water in search of refreshment and fun in the dog days of summer. We don’t know about you, but this summer we plan to keep that tradition alive. There is no official definition of a “swimming hole.” It’s whatever sounds best to you: A placid, woodsy lake with a sandy waterfront for digging and building castles; a sparkling pool where you can catch a few rays and swim a few laps; the best spot in the creek to splash around when you get tired of fishing.

As long as you can jump in, cool off and spend some time laughing and forgetting your cares, we count that as time well spent.

Bring on the heat waves, July.
We’ve got swimming holes for the win.

Submitted By: Abbey Roy, Newark, OH

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