There’s something about looking at the stars which inspires in us a sense of greatness.
Perhaps it’s the vastness of the night sky, or the awe-inspiring combination of simple and complex — billions of twinkling pinpricks against a solid backdrop — that causes us, on clear, quiet nights, to pause from our busy lives to reflect and wonder.

For centuries, mankind has been looking to the stars. Here in Licking County, the night sky held special meaning for the Hopewell people, whose mounds stand today as a monument to a culture that valued the heavenly bodies’ importance in measuring the passage of time and marking the rhythm of life.

Fittingly, a new fixture in downtown Newark will help the present generation of stargazers obtain a clearer picture of the night sky. A modern monument to the triumph of community collaboration, The Works’ SciDome Planetarium opens its doors this summer for observers young and old to marvel at the complexities of the universe.

From tracing the life cycle of a star to touring the solar system, the 30-foot SciDome, with 60 theatre-style seats and an ever-rotating lineup of programming, promises potential almost as vast as the sky itself.

Of course, in terms of ambiance, nothing can top a blanket on the hillside at dusk, watching the stars peek out one by one.

But we like to think we can come pretty close.

Submitted By: Abbey Roy, Newark, OH

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