“Out with the old, in with the new.”
Sorry, Old Adage, but we respectfully disagree.

Here in Licking County, there are a great many things worth hanging onto: Structures with age-old stories built into their intricate architectural detail, rough-hewn beams and meticulously sculpted stone facades. Red brick roads where horses’ hooves and wagon wheels once clattered and rolled. Mounds of earth constructed by ancient people, now a peaceful plot of land for seekers to rest and ponder.

These character-rich buildings and features of our landscape are part of our story; they contain secrets we may never know–but it sure is fun to guess.

What industrious young businessmen may have stored their life savings in the Louis Sullivan Building upon its opening as a bank in 1914?
Is there truly a ghost who calls the 200-year-old Buxton Inn–still a favorite overnight destination for locals and tourists–home?
How many love stories began in the dance hall that today operates as the downtown concert venue known as Thirty One West?
What songs and films have echoed, over the years, through the ornate chambers of the Midland Theatre?

We might never know the answers to these questions, but history does.
And that’s good enough for us.

Submitted By: Abbey Roy, Newark, OH

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