Picture, if you will, a door.

Is it cheery and inviting? Weathered, with flaking paint and creaky hinges? Solidly built with intricate wood grain?
Everyone has a door — at some point in our lives, we all encounter them.

A door, by its nature, says much without saying anything; it speaks without uttering a word — speaks of adventure and newness and the unknown.
A door stands boldly between the familiar and the mysterious; the final, solid sentry separating what is concrete from what is imagined.

You have found your door.
When you place your hand on the knob and slowly, breathlessly turn it, do you wonder what you’ll find?
That’s part of the adventure.

The truth is that all doors lead to somewhere, and we are confident that Licking County is full of them.
So, we encourage you: Open that door. Bike the trail past your intended stopping point, just to see what you’ll find. Try the bacon soda. Grab tickets to the polka lessons before the concert and dance your heart out. Take a class. Buy a quirky antique. Sit in the middle of the sidewalk to get the right angle for your Instagram post — we won’t judge.

Here we have old doors and new; freshly painted and maybe a little flaky; obvious and obscure; doors which, quite frankly, we’ve never opened ourselves.

Which begs the question: What are you waiting for?
Your door awaits — open it. We’re pretty confident you’ll enjoy what you find.

Submitted By: Abbey Roy, Newark, Ohio

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