In a world that sometimes feels as if the human race is drifting apart, it’s no wonder we find ourselves craving connection.

On one hand, we are closer than ever: Thanks to social media, getting in touch has never been easier.
On the other, we are distant, desperate to fill what used to be opportunities for conversation with virtual “likes” and status updates.

So how do we bridge the gap? How do we collectively return to our common roots as human beings who, at our core, aren’t all that different?

Let’s talk about kindness.

It’s a way of making someone’s day; of sharing hope with a stranger. A way to reach across racial, political, socioeconomic and religious differences and say, “I care about you.”
It’s a universally understood language; a limitless currency, of which we can never have too much.

Where does kindness come from?

It can start with you.
You don’t need a hundred dollars or rock star status—just a smile, a listening ear and a heart that desires to look beyond self and toward others.
Smile at someone on the street. Compliment a stranger on her sweater. Bake a neighbor some cookies. Paint a kindness rock and hide it for someone to discover.
Kindness can start here, in the place we call home. Let’s foster it and nurture it; let’s be known for it.

Let’s pass it on.

Submitted By: Abbey Roy, Newark, OH

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