It’s that brief moment of time in your story.
Brief, yet significant — the proverbial fork in the road.
Here, your meandering path joins another and you continue your journey together.

How will you start?

These days, wedding vows aren’t confined to altars and pews. If you’re looking for out-of-the-box venues that suit your style, we’ve got vast options. 
After all, this is a big day. Shouldn’t the sky be the limit? (Feel free to take that literally. We have an airport.)

Picture, if you will, the moments you can share with posterity:
Remember when your beautiful bride came down the aisle riding sidesaddle on a magnificent steed?
When the groomsmen had some time to spare so they tackled Hole 1 before the ceremony? (Sorry about the grassy shoes, darling.)
How about that time Cousin Matt took a selfie with a pig during the reception?
Talk about one for the books.

Now imagine the backdrops for your photo album:
The historic Buxton Inn, a maze of romantic paths and gardens behind its charming facade just waiting to be discovered; the Granville Inn, majestic and bursting with character.
Denison University’s pristine Swasey Chapel, which has proudly stood as a sentinel over the Village of Granville for almost a century.
Bryn Du Mansion, a 1905 sandstone estate situated on 52 acres, complete with field house and carriage house.
Shall we go on?

No matter what your style, we’ve got a spot waiting for you.
The journey begins here. Start it off right — together.

Submitted By: Abbey Roy, Newark, OH

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