One of our favorite quotes is from Newark native, Jerrie Mock. Jerrie was the first women to fly solo around the world and for a time, called Licking County home. Jerrie said…” I knew one thing: I wanted to see the world.” She may have been a suburban mother of three, but in the spring of 1964 in her heels and with her handbag at her side, she did exactly what she said she wanted to do – she saw the world.

The reason we enjoy her words, is because they ring true for all of us. Humans have that unquenchable need to explore; to find new places, to see and touch new things. To become an observer of cultures and traditions other than their own, to journey into the world.

Explore Licking County’s mission is wrapped around the very idea of journeying into the unknown. Not the scary unknown, but rather the unknown that is exciting, new, engaging and yet somehow familiar.

We take great pride in Licking County exploration, so much so, we’ve centered our 2017 Travel Magazine around six curated adventures as well as our website. We feel that these journeys will not only spark your curiosity (because explorers are curious after all), but also provide a roadmap that takes you from one great experience to another. The fun thing about our journeys is that you can mix and match them. If you only want small bits of our history but a lot of local food, you can do that. Maybe a town experience also means a canoe ride in our great outdoors, you can do that too. The sky is the limit, so let your imagination wander. We’re hoping that you might take our suggestions, but what we really want you to do is create your own experience in this amazing place.

Read on, chart your course and make Jerrie proud.


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