In our colorful, creative world, Art manifests itself in various forms: Broad, sweeping brushstrokes on a canvas; that catchy melody that stays in your head all afternoon; words jumping off a page.

In cuisine, there are Insta-worthy entrees, to-die-for tapas and entire television shows devoted to cupcakes.

There’s also beer.

We know what you’re thinking: Beer as an art? Yes. We know because we’ve made it one.

Here in Licking County, we’re abandoning the notion of beer as a generic, unrefined staple of frat parties and choose to laud it in its artful form as a craft that, like any well-thought-out painting or meticulously chosen melody, requires time and careful attention to detail in order to achieve perfection.

That’s why so many master brewers are opening their doors to share their craft–practiced over time and refined to the highest standards–with palates ranging from beginner to connoisseur. These artisans have poured countless hours and remarkable talent into highlighting the local economy in a unique way, making connections by letting customers in on the beer naming process, for example, or offering tours of their production facilities.

Whether you’re an IPA gal or more of a lager guy; whether you’re new to the world of craft beer or well-versed in flavors and techniques; whether you’re a lifelong local or just passing through, we invite you to experience the art of craft brewing here in Licking County.

We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Submitted By: Abbey Roy, Newark, Ohio

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