They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Sometimes it’s obvious, even to the untrained eye:
The strong, graceful lines of a dancer, toes pointed, gaze fixed ahead.
The meticulous brushstrokes of a gesso painting, delicately textured, cloaked in brilliance.
The cheerful chords of a bluegrass tune, strummed on a well-loved banjo by a pair of practiced hands.

Other times, beauty is a little more elusive:
Chiseled limestone. Rough-hewn beams. Weathered marble.
The synergy of distinct and (initially) nondescript could, in itself, be considered beautiful — a work of art in its own right. A study in contrasts.

Regardless of the medium, of this we are certain: Art lives here.
It lives in our meandering streams, our historic buildings, our spotlighted stages.
It’s tucked into our galleries as well as our city blocks — crafted into our cuisine, woven into our nature, inspired within our people.
It’s part of the fiber of the place we call home, and we’re only too happy to share it.
Now it’s your turn. Your masterpiece awaits.

Where will you discover it?

Submitted By: Abbey Roy, Newark, OH

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